Treating WHY not Where with Denis Thompson

Adam Torres and Denis Thompson discuss neuro therapy.

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Show Notes:

Neuro therapy is helping many increase their quality of living. In this episode, Adam Torres and Denis Thompson, CEO at ARP Wave LLC, explore ARP Wave and how neuro therapy has helped relieve pain for many.

About Denis Thompson 

Created and patented a technology and a therapy called Neuro Therapy a unique combination of non invasive neuromodulation, TE and NMRE which diagnoses and treats the neurological origin of all physiological symptoms. Their company has treated well in excess of 500,000 patients all over the world with better than a 95% success at eliminating pain without drugs and eliminating atrophy. They have thousands of the most elite athletes in the world as clients.

They are scaling the company after 20 years of being in the cash business. Their mission is to contract with doctors to be their in house rehab department. They pioneered remote therapy which is now reimbursed by all commercial carriers. Their therapy speeds up recovery of any injury or surgery without drugs. Hire us at no cost to you to treat all your commercial patients.

They supply $20,000.00 in equipment to every patient to use for 20 days. Their therapist works with every patient 1 hour a day and the patient sleeps with their technology for 8 hours a night. The patient receives 9 hours of therapy a day. The physician bills for the 1 hour of therapy a day and average reimbursement is $2000.00 a patient. Presently if you refer to PT you lose control of your patients outcomes and you lose money. 

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