Trends in Airborne iOT Threats and Attacks with Bob Baxley

Adam Torres and Bob Baxley discuss airborne iOT threats and attacks.

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Show Notes:

Spies are going airborne to infiltrate corporate and government networks. Nation states, hackers and cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi to carry out radio frequency (RF) – based espionage exploits to access sensitive data. These attacks can be conducted by compromising a single wireless device containing a radio. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Bob Baxley, Chief Technology Officer at Bastille, explore the current RF threat landscape and best practices for enterprises to protect their valuable data.

About Bob Baxley

More information is available at www.rjbaxley.com

Areas of expertise: Data Science, Machine Learning, Detection/Estimation Theory, Software Defined Radio, Communications/Information Theory, Wireless Security, Cognitive Radio, Electronic Warfare, Distributed Sensing, Geolocation, RF Tomography, and Engineering Management.

Tools: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Linux, SQL, Bash, Javascript (D3), AWS (EC2, Redshift, EMR), GCP (Dataproc, BigQuery, Compute Engine), Hadoop, Spark, Jupyter, Luigi, Tableau, Matlab. 

About Bastille

Bastille is the first company to enable enterprise security teams to assess and mitigate the risk associated with the growing Internet of Radios. Bastille’s patented software and security sensors bring visibility to devices emitting radio signals (Wi-Fi, cellular, wireless dongles and other IoT communications) in your organization’s airspace.

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