Tricia Turner Talks About Succeeding in the Real Estate Industry

Tricia Turner, CEO of Tricia Turner Property Groups, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

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In this interview, Tricia Turner talks with Mission Matters about her journey in the real estate industry and her thoughts on how to ensure success in a competitive environment.

What mission matters to you? 

Turner says her mission revolves around “building better lives by building better agents.” A self-proclaimed optimist, she says the real estate industry is a tough one in which you have to have self discipline, grit, and be hungry to achieve success. That’s why, she explains, she’s passionate about developing fellow real estate agents to their fullest potential.

How did you get into real estate?

Realizing early on that college wouldn’t fulfill her goals, Turner went straight into  apartment management at a young age as a leasing agent. She eventually got her real estate license and married a real estate agent as well, but in 2008, that marriage ended. Raising three small children on her own led her into what she calls some of the darkest days of her life, but her own focus and determination led her to pull herself through those challenges, obtaining her broker’s license and opening her own brokerage, Tricia Turner Properties, to ensure more long-term success and economic stability.

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Tell us more about your company, the Tricia Turner Group with eXp realty.

Turner’s company, Tricia Turner Properties, joined EXP Realty in 2018 and is now classified as a mega team within the brokerage. The Tricia Turner Group is a group of real estate professionals selling a high volume of homes all over the greater Houston area with their main office located in Fulshear Texas.  She says her vision is to reach $135 million in sales volume and complete 400 transactions in 2022. 

What’s your advice for people just starting their careers in the field?

Turner says she believes the real estate industry will continue to be disrupted, which is why you always need to pay attention to who you’re paying attention to. In other words, “Align (yourself) with people who are out to make a difference and then go all in”,  she advises. 

Many believe that 2022 will be defined in the real estate industry as “survival of the fittest” and that is because the market is extremely difficult and has been now since the pandemic.  With fewer homes on the market to sell, the average agent that typically only sells a couple of homes a year, may find themselves looking for a new path within the next 12 -24 months. 

Turner believes in working hard, living in abundance and building a life on purpose.  Her vision to teach others and help them to rise up, is only a fraction of what she plans on doing in the future. She believes that we are better together…always.

To learn more about Tricia Turner and her vision,, visit www.triciaturner.work