Troy Issigonis on the Importance of Site Characterization with a Dose of Common Sense in CO2 Reducing Design

In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Martin Halliwell talks to Troy Issigonis, Geotechnical Engineer with Terrane Geotechnical Group Ltd. Troy is a Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of Geotechnical Engineering experience, primarily foundation and excavation support. This experience includes assisting with thousands of projects with a wide variety of sizes and types.

Terrane Engineering Group Ltd. are qualified engineers and technicians experienced in providing practical geotechnical engineering solutions. They design a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of your unique construction projects.

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Story Notes:

  • Troy Issigonis Background
  • Geotechnical Engineering is an Art
  •  Goals in Terrane Group
  • Type of Soils
  •  What is Cone Tech

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