Trusting Your Gut, Identifying Gaps, and Building Bridges for Those Gaps with Hayley Leviashvili

Adam Torres and Haley Leviashvili explore the legal profession.

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Show Notes:

Following your instinct and gut feeling is sometimes easier said than done. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Hayley Leviashvili, CEO and Founder at gigLAW, explore gigLAW and what Hayley has learned as an entrepreneur.

About Haley Leviashvili

CEO and Founder of recently launched start-up, gigLAW, which is bridging the blatant gaps within the legal system on both the education level and the way firms receive legal-intern level assistance. Law firms can now avoid the overhead costs of on-boarding legal interns while still receiving the highest quality work product on both project and ongoing bases.

Law students can gain hands-on experience in various facets of the legal profession to better understand their passions and confidently make decisions about their careers. Skilled in Business Development, Research and Analytical Skills, Drafting and Writing Skills, he attributes his strong business development and professional skills to his experiences as a Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC) and graduating from Fordham University School of Law. gigLAW was created from his own personal experiences of wanting to discover which parts of the legal profession he felt most passionate about but having no way to do so outside of doctrinal classes or individual externships. 

About gigLAW

gigLAW provides virtual legal-intern level assistance for law firms and businesses completed by their thoroughly vetted law students. With unlimited availability, personalized on-demand services, and infinite possibilities for connections, gigLAW is a win-win for both lawyers and law students.  Lawyers receive high quality work while avoiding the overhead costs of on-boarding legal interns. Law students gain practical experience while earning an income while in law school.

Check out what they’re doing at gigLAW here: https://www.giglaw.co/

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