Turn Hurts into Hope – Steve Wormer

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You’ve been hurt. We all have. Getting hurt is inescapable. The question is not, “Will I ever get hurt?” — The question is, “WHEN I get hurt, how will I process that hurt?”

Unprocessed hurt will hinder your ability to craft and execute a fantastic 4th quarter and finish strong.

That’s why I’m excited to share this episode with you and my conversation with Steve Wormer.

Steve Wormer is the Executive Director for Caring Resources, which is known for their transformational program Hurt to Hope. Caring Resources is a non-profit organization helping people with all kinds of backgrounds to overcome painful experiences. 

He has also led three churches and is currently leading a church in the Memphis area.

Steve is a speaker and a certified Leadership and Life coach.

He lives in Memphis, Tennessee, with his wife Rebecca of over 26 years and their three children.

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