Turning Data Into Growth & How To 10X Your Business with AJ Yager

Adam Torres and AJ Yager discuss data and growth.

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Show Notes:

Data has become more important than ever when scaling a business. In this episode,  Adam Torres and AJ Yager, Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder at Praxis Metrics, explores what it takes to unlock the potential of data for growth in a business.

About AJ Yager 

He is the Co-Founder of Praxis Metrics, Amazon best selling author, Host of the DataRich Podcast and helps companies turn their data in growth. AJ has founded 8 different successful companies over the course of his life and today he works all over the world, in over 22 countries, with organizations such as NBC Universal, Organifi, Keller Williams and many others ranging from start up to billions. He is NLP, Domo and Microsoft certified and has been featured in Inc magazine, Business Week, CNN and he was voted Top 30 Under 30. AJ is also an international speaker that leverages the power of using data to drive profitable behavior and get massive results, and we do mean massive as AJ has a record of helping his clients make millions online!

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