Turnkey Tax Lien Investing with Melanie Finnegan

Adam Torres and Melanie Finnegan discuss an efficient way to diversify through tax liens.

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Show Notes:

  • Buy tax liens
  • Secondary market tax liens
  • Owning property through tax liens

Why can’t buying tax liens be easy and efficient like purchasing a stock? Maybe it can be. Adam Torres and Melanie Finnegan, Owner & Founder at Tax Lien Wealth Solutions examine the model she developed for purchasing tax liens on the secondary market for her clients.

About Melanie Finnegan

Melanie manages the daily operations of the company, portfolio management, and portfolio consulting. She has been investing, educating and assisting clients in becoming successful in the tax lien investing industry for over 10 years. Her commitment to her relationships and client successes are the drive behind this company’s foundation.

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