Undergrads Provides Gig-Economy Platform to Students with Thomas Mumford

Adam Torres and Thomas Mumford discuss the gig-economy.

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Show Notes:

Students looking for an extra source of income may have a new opportunity! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Thomas Mumford, Co-Founder at Undergrads Moving, explore how Undergrads are tapping into the gig-economy and providing college students with additional opportunities to earn.

About Undergrads

Undergrads offers a one of a kind, labor-only, local residential moving service operated completely by trained university students. Our objective is to build connections between the local university students and the surrounding community by offering a platform for customers to seamlessly submit job requests, the students to receive requests and accept the work at their convenience, and both the students and the customer to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We believe every student should have a healthy academic and social lifestyle while in school – supporting yourself while pursuing your education should not be a stressful addition.

We focus on providing our customers with a team of enthusiastic and athletic movers that will deliver the smartest move possible while bringing with it a delightful moving experience. You rent the truck, we supply the superior movers.

Visit Undergrads at https://undergrads.com/movers-charleston-sc/

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