Understanding the Bookkeeping and Tax Side for Businesses Accepting Crypto as Payments

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In this episode of Unlocking the Decentralized Podcast, Host Abhi Soomaney talks with Alex Massarjian, CPA. They highlight key topics for NFT & taxes,  Business management with Crypto and Crypto Bookkeeping for businesses. They also share tips for the listeners about Crypto Bookkeeping , Receiving Crypto as payments  and more.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Abhi’s Background
  • Major Topics in the Podcast
  • Basic tax-related client issues
  • Common software solutions for DeFi & NFT
  • Calculation Methods
  • Tips on How to Keep your Crypto Safe
  • Stock Market is Totally Different than Crypto Space
  • Tax Software for Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Offsetting Losses Against Income Generated Token
  • Assisting Clients in all Types of Crypto Investments

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