Unique Patents to Reduce CO2 in the Built Environment

In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Host Martin Halliwell and Adam Torres talks about reducing the CO2 creation in the industry and implementing new techniques with his firm, Footprint Engineering.

Discussing the firm’s commitment to designing and implementing low-carbon innovations, Martin explains that Footprint is a sustainability-focused civil engineering firm with more than 1000 years of combined experience across its team and partner network. The focus, he says, is on making a difference in the civil engineering and renewable energy sectors by helping clients choose more sustainable options in their projects. “We can do carbon capture and carbon tax,” he says, “but how about let’s not generate it at the source and then you get the cost and schedule savings?” 

This work, he notes, is a ground-up endeavor. “Once you understand how to buy equipment, then you can innovate the actual foundation—it is a tremendous advantage,” he says, reiterating that costs, schedule lengths, and carbon footprints can all be reduced simultaneously rather than at one another’s expense.

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Story Notes

  • What mission matters to you 
  • Advice to the next generations
  • Footprint Engineering 
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Geothermal patent 
  • Fang Earth Honoring System 
  • How Concrete and Steel are Hurting our planet

Learn more at https://footprintengineering.ca/