Using AI to Fully Automate Supplier Negotiations with Edmund Zagorin

Adam Torres and Edmund Zagorin discuss AI automation. 

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Show Notes:

Automation is improving many logistics and supply chain functions for companies worldwide. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Edmund Zagorin, Founder and CEO at Bid Ops, explore how AI can be used to fully automate supplier negotiations, saving both time and money for companies

About Edmund Zagorin

Edmund Zagorin is the founder and CEO of Bid Ops Inc., the first company to use artificial intelligence to fully automate supplier negotiations. As a strategic sourcing consultant, Edmund saw the inefficiency of combing through spreadsheets line item by line item to compare bids based on multiple different criteria. From this experience, Bid Ops was born. Bid Ops was the winner of the Startup Competition at Digital Procurement World and was named “Best Startup” by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON).

About Bid Ops

Bid Ops is strategic sourcing AI software for the modern business, driving savings by getting better quotes faster. With Fortune 100 customers and impressive case studies, Bid Ops is changing the way business teams partner with suppliers.

Created by procurement professionals for procurement professionals, Bid Ops remains relentlessly focused on delivering a delightful user experience, actionable insights, and powering processes that result in better quotes faster for any sourcing project. Their app can help any business answer any question related to a supplier’s commercial terms — including pricing, compliance, service levels, payment terms, and engagement in bidding events. Built for direct spend, CapEx, MRO, Logistics and Indirect Spend requirements for any modern procurement team, Bid Ops can handle over 30,000 line items per single project, over 10,000 suppliers per project and can automate a “cherrypick optimization” to award the best line item to the right supplier at the most competitive price, given any number of conditional requirements (quality, lead time, Minimum Order Quantity, service levels, payment terms) for every single dollar spent.

Freed from the burden of manual data entry and long email chains, procurement teams using Bid Ops are able to become strategic partners and trusted advisors to their business teams, delivering a delightful service experience and tangible business impact. Modern procurement teams are able to recruit high performers, launch award-winning supplier diversity programs, supplement ESG reporting for 10K stock disclosures to boost their company’s share price, and offer a collaborative workplace where decisions are made using data rather than opinions.