Using and Leveraging Tough Life Transitions with Maryl Petreccia

Adam Torres and Maryl Petreccia discuss tough life transitions.

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Show Notes:

Tough life transitions can be used as a source of power for many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Maryl Petreccia, Founder at Maryl Petreccia, LLC. and Best Selling Author of GPS to JOY: Navigate Life’s Turbulence and Toughest Transitions to Find Your New Direction, explore navigating through tough life transitions.

About Maryl Petreccia

“I promise, I don’t know how, but I’ll figure it out. I’ll create a future that honors our time together and who I am for having had you in my life.”

This is the vow that she made to her late husband and her future self before brain cancer took his life in 2014. Becoming a high-performance Joy Coach and Solutions Strategist did not start with joy. Quite the opposite! Her new “future” was more like a personal pandemic. She was hit with 9, no-going-back losses in 4 years that took out everything!

The roles that she defined herself by personally and professionally were over! Her life was disrupted, permanently altered. She was stuck, deeply sad, and foggy with no clear direction or roadmap. Yet, she knew that her future and the healing was 100% on her. That mandated that she pause and go inward to rebuild her strength. In that process, she began to view the unknown differently, from wretchedly painful to a blank canvas of opportunity. She sought support where she lacked ability. She relocated, and built new ties. She tried new approaches, got crystal clear on what mattered most. All that helped her to carry on, choice by choice, as she lived from new intentions, with the support from her friends, her communities and her professional connections. As she experimented, her failures became redirects and her wins confirmed her new direction. She gained mastery in using every experience to unfold the future. Her mission is to move 1 million professionals from feeling isolated, alone and stuck, to feeling fully alive and inspired, living a fulfilling life based on what matters most.

She’s a certified Quantum Integrations Coach with 15+ years experience with transformation. She is also a 30+ year successful multipreneur. She work with high achievers, accomplished professionals and organizations to create new futures with collaborative leadership practices that empower teams and generate new avenues for profit and product creation. Her programs boost employee morale and move business leaders from stuck and frustrated to being empowered and clear as to how to leverage the talent of their teams in finding solutions.

Reach out to her at [email protected] for details on her services.

Visit:  www.marylpetreccia.com

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