Using Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Networks with Jon Kirkegaard

Adam Torres and Jon Kirkegaard explore blockchain technology.

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Show Notes:

Blockchain technology is providing many benefits to supply chain networks. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jon Kirkegaard, President and CEO at DCRA Inc. and DCRA Technologies LLC, explore blockchain technology and it’s improvements to supply chain networks.

About Jon Kirkegaard

Broad based engineering and business experience including strategy and operations management consulting, founding and running successful supply chain technology firms as well as broad industry and manufacturing experience 2018, 2016 & 2014 selected as top 100 supply chain professions (“Pros to Know” ) by Supply and Demand Executive Journal. Their work turning around a division of Siemens using their methodologies and patented S&OP technologies was featured in 2005 as one of best supply chain projects.

They currently provide best in class patented decentralized network S&OP / supply chain solutions allowing clients to drive business competitive advantage. Their approach is a consistent and balanced approach leveraging Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and real-time global logistics insight. Their firm DCRA has had consistent and high value success for all of their clients and was named as a top 100 Supply Chain Partner.

Specialties: Example consulting services: Web service supply chain software, Blockchain distributed design, Industry operations assessment and diagnostics, cashflow analysis, working capital management, inventory strategies, strategic alignment. Hi-tech, CPG, Telecom, retail, industrial manufacturing. Supply Chain Software and Custom Development Complete software solutions for S&OP, Supply Chain Execution, Real-time web services based architecture and compliments to clients existing tools, systems and partners. 

About DCRA Inc.

DCRA Inc. was established in late 2001 to provide strategic business solutions leveraging best in class supply chain, logistics and order fulfillment capabilities to rapidly improve bottom line performance. They provide patented software and solutions to their clients to achieve paybacks in weeks vs. typical software or consulting efforts. Their unique value add approach has led to a series of patented decentralized, distributed S&OP software solutions. These solutions enable the culture of an organization to focus on demand and supply netting processes vs. “overriding”​ which creates wasted resources. The combination of this S&OP process along with unique transportation enablers drives a LEAN organization rapidly and efficiently.

All of the DCRA decentralized / distributed solutions are being adapted to blockchain enablers and structures.  Contact us if you see the breakthrough opportunity leveraging blockchain in your S&OP and various supply chain / financial solutions. Check out their www.DCRAsolutions.com for an overview of their consulting and solutions capabilities.  Also SOPBook.com is our effort to bring the cost of a full S&OP supply chain down to engineers and managers to understand the S&OP demand supply matching process enabled by innovative decentralized blockchain technology.  

DCRA Inc. begins many operational improvement projects using a trademark methodology they call Total Order Fulfillment. The TOF methodology provides customer immediate cost reductions through restructuring of transportation relationships and IT costs while establishing long term strategic supply chain capabilities. They have had success in working in most any industry, Fortune 100 firms ,small strategic virtual manufacturers, logistics service providers interested in providing enhanced business solutions to their customers as well as distributors who need to provide  enhanced value add assembly and fulfillment to their customer base.

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