Using Emotions To Thrive – Kelley Ashby

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Have you ever been driving a car behind someone going way below the speed limit and it drives you nuts? You’re experiencing what I call an “emotional moment”.

One of the hallmarks of your fantastic 4th Quarter is Emotional Health. When you are emotionally healthy, you are able to create more margin in your mind and being. Emotional health has a lot to do with, well, emotions. And that’s what we’re going to address in this episode.

My guest promotes being smarter about your emotions. We won’t just talk theory. Rather, we will bring actual examples into the conversation to help you better pinpoint areas in your own life where a little emotional smartness will go a long way in your journey.

Kelley Ashby has over twenty years of experience in higher education administration which includes experience in academic and co-curricular leadership education and assessment. She created, directed, and co-authored the University of Iowa’s Career Leadership Academy programs and curriculum; developed and administered Iowa’s Certificate in Leadership Studies. 

In 2017, she decided to take her years of experience developing leaders and start her own training and consulting business. 

In 2018, she became certified as a Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Ignite Instructor and uses this in her work as a trainer and coach. 

Kelley has worked with a variety of industries and specializes in “Multiple Generations in the Workplace” and “Emotional Intelligence.”

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