Using the Opportunity Fund to Revitalize Communities with Brion Crum

Adam Torres and Brion Crum discuss opportunity zones.

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Show Notes:

Using the Opportunity Fund program to help people launch and grow businesses is a major focus of Caliber Companies. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Brion Crum, SVP Wealth Development at Caliber Companies, explore some of Caliber Companies’ projects including a co-working space located near the expanded Arizona State University Campus in Mesa, Arizona. 

About Caliber Companies

An integrated group of companies in the real estate and private equity industry, Caliber was formed in 2009 as a response to the need for a transparent investment partner. 

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with an investment focus in the Greater Southwest growth markets, Caliber leads the market in providing individual accredited investors and registered investment advisors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments. The Company builds wealth by forming and managing real estate private equity investments, either through individual assets or multi-asset funds. The Company offers an approachable, full-service investment experience with more than 700 team members working to care for over $375 million (assets under management) in commercial, residential, multi-family, self-storage and hospitality real estate in AZ, CO, NV, UT and AK. Comprising 5 business units including Investment, Construction & Development, Property Management, Brokerage and Hospitality, Caliber’s vertical integration of support services delivers a unique and efficient 360º approach to investing in real estate.

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