Value-Based Leadership with Mitra Ahani CCC-SLP

Adam Torres and Mitra Ahani discuss value-based leadership.

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Show Notes:

Value-based leadership is at the core growing and maintaining a healthy workplace. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mitra Ahani CCC-SLP, Founder and CEO at Thrive Therapy & Social Center, explore Thrive Therapy & Social Center and how the organization is using value-based leadership to serve its clients.

About Thrive Therapy & Social Center

Thrive Therapy & Social Center offers a full array of autism therapies and services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA therapy. For more information about job opportunities or services, please email: [email protected]

Their focus is on communication, social development, life skills, and building a community for their clients and their families. They believe these are the building blocks of a higher purpose and mold all of their therapies around these basic and all-important goals. The Thrive Center is unlike any other therapy center and is designed to motivate and delight; it consists of a 2,000 square foot motor room and 4,500 square feet of theme rooms and therapy space.

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