Venkat Avasarala Discusses Helping People Build Income with Real Estate Investments

Venkat Avasarala, Managing Principal & Founder of Stryker Properties, was interviewed on Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Venkat Avasarala’s real estate journey began in 2007 and evolved into the founding of his company, Stryker within a decade. His mission, he says, involves helping people build wealth passively without overextending themselves.

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What challenges stand in the way of people looking to invest in real estate?

Avasarala says many questions and obstacles can arise when someone is considering whether or not to build wealth through real estate investments. 

“Either, they are fiddling with many responsibilities, (or) sometimes they want to invest in properties but have no idea of how to get there,” Avasarala explains. The good news is, such dilemmas can quickly be resolved by reaching out to people who have expertise in real estate. “The best way to (gain knowledge) is by partnering with somebody who has done it beforehand,” he advises.

How can Stryker Properties help? 

Founded in 2016, Stryker Properties got its start with apartments built between the 1960s and ‘80s, and since that time, the company has completed more than a dozen transactions totaling over $300 million. Avasarala says his primary focus is to partner with his investors and acquire Apartments( both Value-add and Ground up development), and land development—i.e., purchasing land, developing it, and selling it for profit.

“There’s a dilemma that everybody has: ‘Where do I go from here?’” Avasarala says. “Many think  ROI (Return on Investment) is the dividend or the return that you get back, divided by the number of dollars that you put in, but it’s more than that; it’s what you get back divided by what you put in plus the hassle an investor goes through.. But investors can now partner with Stryker or other seasoned professionals and leverage their expertise to grow their wealth without the hassle,” he remarks.

Avasarala says Stryker currently works with around 1000 investors, investing in opportunities involving improving existing apartments and developing new apartments from the ground up, giving people opportunities to invest their hard-earned money in the right place.

To connect with Venkat and the company, visit strykerproperties.com, email [email protected] or call 281-727-9238.