Venture Capital Strategy with Paul Claxton

Adam Torres and Paul Claxton discuss venture capital strategy.

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Show Notes:

Having a solid venture capital strategy can mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses. Have you considered the role venture capital strategy may play into your situation? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Paul Claxton, Founder of RECIPROCITY ROI, explore the role of venture capital in the success of businesses.

About Paul Claxton 

Paul Claxton is an awarded business leader and previous active duty highly-decorated U.S. Marine. Who spent 11 years on active duty and completed 4 total tours in Iraq — Iraq 2003 Invasion, 2004, 2007, and 2009 — amounting to 3 years in country total, respectively. He has been an entrepreneur for over 3 years. He has extensive global experience and reach in a multitude of industries and job functions. By being a proponent of building long-term relationships in business, he exercises a tenacious loyalty and sense of ethics that is unmatched. He is also a proponent of power networking to continuously meet and learn from new people as well as develop new relationships.

With these approaches, he has been able to cultivate business relationships with some of the top leaders in business. He has developed opportunities and worked with clients across the globe in the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, USA, China and Africa, and this has led to him producing well over 100 mm of legitimate opportunities over the course of his career as an entrepreneur. As someone with expertise as a Chief Operations Officer, he is focused on using his 20 years of extensive operational leadership in building and sustaining all operational areas of a business. Paul has now started and led 2 different bootstrapped companies and taken them from conception with zero revenue to over 200k annum revenue within 60-90 days, respectively.


AWARDED CONSULTING FIRM OF 2019! We are business professionals working in synergy together as a software consulting company  where we support or partner only with the best and brightest software technology product and solution companies. We help these companies continue fostering innovation and best practices by bringing our expertise and best ideas to the table.  We are not a staffing agency, however, staffing is a small part of what we offer. Our big picture goal is to partner with companies on business strategy to foster their revenue growth through a variety of ways, such as resource consolidation, solution delivery teams and channel partnerships. We are here to build a long-term relationship with you, because we realize that “Great business cannot happen, without Great relationships”​.

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