Victor Kostroub Launches The Mentors by Design Podcast

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In this episode, Victor Kostroub, CEO at Fine Designs, Inc., introduces us to The Mentor’s by Design Podcast. The Podcast aims to bring ideas and inspiration through thought-provoking conversations with entrepreneurs and experts.

Viktor is the co-founder of Fine Designs, Inc and has been named CEO since 1995. The businessman, speaker, and television show producer. He is happily married to Lili, and together, they have three sons.

He is a dynamic and interesting speaker with a remarkable ability to inspire audiences to higher levels of achievement. His excellent methods of personal efficiency, seminars about management, and mutual relations lead to urgent changes and long-term results.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Podcast Introduction
  • Reasons Why Victor Launch a Podcast
  • Victor Kostroub’s Background 
  • Scholarship
  • Aim of the Podcast

Learn more at: www.finedesigns.com