Vince Free talks about the building blocks of his experience in the construction industry

Vince Free, President & CEO, FREEZ Construction, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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In this interactive interview, Mr. Vince Free, President & CEO at FREEZ Construction, highlights his exceptional entrepreneurial journey in the construction industry and how his family influence led him to ace the sector. A firm believer of passion-driven work, Vince shares exclusive, valuable insights that helped him walk the path of success that he has achieved today. 

A young boy raised in the Midwest, Vince was the first one in his family to study at a university. As a teenager, he ran a painting business in summers which played an imperative role in polishing his entrepreneurial skills. After getting out of college, Free went on to sell cold storage doors and high-speed doors at a door firm. 

After working for five-odd years in the door company, Vince moved to a large general contractor and started working in the design-build construction field, a field he immediately knew that he wanted to explore further. This is how FREEZ Construction was born. While recalling his call for starting up his own company, Vince shares, “It was always in my heart!”

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Company and its Culture

FREEZ Construction is a customer-oriented company that pays immense attention to client satisfaction. Vince shares how a constructive company culture determines its success. Developing a team, offering service, and providing a product that solves a problem— these are the key factors that lead to a stable path of accomplishment in the words of Vince. 

Vince believes all the founders should indulge in a healthy competition where everyone grows and makes money. The culture of the company should make people want to join your team and work with you. 

Vince also emphasizes the role of social media in building a solid online presence. Regarded as the most “inexpensive way of doing things,” Vince attributes his Industry Rockstars Campaign’s success to the power leveraged by social platforms. 

The Advice

While offering advice to the people just starting on their entrepreneurial journey, Vince asks them to “slow down a little bit” and “ask for help.” He also directs them to look at failures with acceptance by stating, “Not everything is rainbows and sunshine!”— failures build your character and improve confidence. 

What’s Next

Moving forward, Vince, along with his team, plans to launch their podcast for the industry named “Cool Times” to envelop all trends prevalent in the industry. 


Vince Free started from humble beginnings in a small town nestled in southeastern Wisconsin. With over 15 years of experience in the cold storage/food & beverage industry, Vince has worked his way up to become a respected, energetic, and memorable individual while providing top-notch service to his clients across the country.

Since its inception, FREEZ Construction has been serving as a leading controlled environment contractor. They are a team of fully certified thermal professionals who tackle everything with pride. 
To learn more about the organization and its services, visit FREEZ Construction here.