Virtual Access to the Best Expertise in Medicine with Julian Flannery

Adam Torres and Julian Flannery discuss virtual access to medical advice.

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Show Notes:

Accessing medical advice virtually has become a necessary reality for many in a post-COVID-19 world. Improving the physician and consumer in healthcare is an opportunity to enhance relationships. In this episode, Adam Torres and Julian Flannery, Founder & CEO at SUMMUS, explore SUMMUS and the future of healthcare.


Summus informed medical decisions through fast, virtual access to the world’s best medical expertise. Their platform empowers families through direct access to their virtual networks of leading specialists across 48 leading hospitals – within days, from anywhere in the world. Their clients are companies that seek to create an elevated healthcare experience for their employees and drive better outcomes. They support their global teams across all health questions and stages of care — from allergies to cancer.  Summus plus trusted primary care is the world’s best healthcare solution. For more information, please visit www.summusglobal.com

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