Virtual Team Tactics with Leah Faul

Adam Torres and Leah Faul explore virtual teams.

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Show Notes:

Virtual teams have become increasingly important for businesses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Leah Faul, Owner of 15000 cubits, explore virtual teams and how to create a thriving company culture.

About Leah Faul

Leah Faul is an executive with experience leading teams of all sizes and skill levels in multiple industries — in-house, agency, and nonprofit. With entrepreneurial and business leadership experience of all shapes and sizes, Leah brings a variety of perspectives to any organizational growth challenge. With experience speaking on the topics like Core Values, Business Growth, Digital Marketing, and Digital Trends on a national level, Leah aims to transform her own personal experience into growth opportunities for others.

Her primary work goals are to honor God with her endeavors, empower others to impact the world in a positive way, and to effect change by creating a team of leaders who believe in hard work, honesty, kindness, and aren’t afraid to ask questions. As the past President of Houston Interactive Marketing Association, Leah led a team of Houston business leaders with a mission to grow local businesses and professionals with interactive strategies.

In 2015, Leah founded 15000 Cubits, a strategic SEO agency. She combined over a decade of marketing and business growth experience to cultivate a team with strong core values such as integrity, community, creativity, and purpose. The team thrives today, growing people and organizations by equipping them with the confidence, data, and partnership necessary to cut through the noise, get results, and stop wasting time with digital marketing that doesn’t get them to their 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year goals. In 2018 and 2019, Leah focused her energy on the role of CEO at Ameritex Movers. Here she led the team to ask the tough questions and make the challenging moves that would set the company up for exponential growth in the future.

She seeks to grow companies, organizations, initiatives, and others that align with her values, by staying coachable herself. As a firm believer in constant growth, integrity, and hard work, she knows these things eventually shine through and always win. After all, one must stand for something, or they will fall for anything.

About 15000 Cubits

15000 Cubits is a virtual digital marketing agency. This young start up is vibrant with enthusiasm to bring creative, effective digital marketing solutions to business owners who have uninhibited faith in what their company brings to this world. 15000 cubits is not an ordinary digital marketing company. They incorporate the designs of brilliant up-and-coming entrepreneurs breaking through boundaries in their area of expertise. Our designers hit deadlines, read minds, and create masterpieces. Their marketers understand how to use your data, create processes that save companies time and money, and compete wholeheartedly with their clients competitors like they were their own.

The company takes full advantage of new technologies to make the virtual space shrink and create teamwork that transcends physical distance.

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