Virtual Techniques for Growing Your Business with Doug Bruhnke

Adam Torres and Doug Bruhnke discuss virtual techniques for business growth.

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Show Notes:

It has become increasingly important to use virtual techniques to fuel business growth. But how many of us know how to make the most of the online experience? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Doug Bruhnke, Founder & CEO at Global Chamber, explore how to use technology to cultivate business growth worldwide.

About Doug Bruhnke

Doug Bruhnke is  an entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. We’re focused on helping members grow across metros & borders in 195 countries, 525 metro regions… everywhere! Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

Our vision is a world  where doing business across regions & borders is as easy as doing business across the street. Imagine accessing targeted clients and trusted advisors anywhere and everywhere, including virtually through AI-aided match-making. It’s happening, growing & improving every day.

Doug Bruhnke’s  first overseas trip 33 years ago to Asia was life-changing, opening his eyes to the opportunities and fun of global business. He was able to discuss the trip with his grandfather, an inspiring entrepreneur and mentor. When he passed away a few weeks later, He was devastated, and it took him a while to get re-energized. What followed was international business travel for decades, helping companies everywhere.

About The Global Chamber

Global Chamber® helps members grow across metros and borders, making their business and the world a little better. We also help service firms connect with companies growing globally. 

We encourage a collaborative environment between business, education, organizations and government for global business growth to accelerate.

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