Virtual Wellness Solutions with Stephanie Erazo

Adam Torres and Stephanie Erazo discuss wellness.

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Show Notes:

Prana Wellness is now offering virtual wellness solutions. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stephanie Erazo, Yoga Therapist and Founder of Prana Wellness, explore Prana Wellness.

About Stephanie Erazo

Prana Wellness brings wellness to the workplace, and provides no stress fitness, where you need it most. They offer curated packages of on-site yoga, meditation, breath work, and fitness to companies who want to retain or attract high performing employees, and boost productivity. After 7 years as a CNN Producer, she made their main focus, their longtime passion for fitness and wellness. She traveled to India to study meditation and yoga, and feel inspired to share those unique practices. After working for a large corporation for so many years, she possess first hand knowledge of both business and employee needs. she can also relate to the stress of a corporate job, and realize the benefits of having an outlet in the workplace.

She is passionate about meeting influential people, building positive relationships, and making significant connections that promote lasting impact. Her aim is to build community through fitness, increase overall health and productivity in the workplace, and spread knowledge of wellness in all aspects.

As a wellness consultant, she aims to be the “motivator in chief.” She wants every person she work with, in the corporate space or otherwise, to realize they can do more. Everyone can find the time to take care of themselves and their bodies and be great at it! After working in the crazy world of news, She’s well equipped to teach people exactly how NOT to let stress control you, and how to make wellness a priority in any environment.

As a natural “intrapreneur,” she loves the process of building from the ground up and having the opportunity to see her efforts have a positive impact. She grew more and more appreciative to be able to tap into my passions to encourage others to live healthy and adventurous lives!

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