VUniverse Helps Viewers Navigate Streaming Services with Evelyn Watters

Adam Torres and Evelyn Watters  discuss VUniverse and streaming trends.

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Show Notes:

With streaming wars intensifying across all platforms, how does one choose what to watch? So much great content, so little time. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Evelyn Watters, CEO of VUniverse, explore how VUniverse is helping viewers spend more time enjoying their favorite content and less time scrolling.

About Evelyn Watters 

Producer of numerous advertising campaigns over the past nineteen years, successfully producing photo shoots and commercial spots of all budgets for dozens of national blue chips clients, and advertising agencies. Co-founder of the Golden Trailer Awards, the Awards for Feature Film Movie Trailers. The GTA is widely regarded by the press as the Academy Awards for the short attention span. The Golden Trailer Awards is now in its 19th year.

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