Wartime Business Playbook with Andy Seth

Adam Torres and Andy Seth discuss the Wartime Business Playbook.

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Show Notes:

The Wartime Business Playbook is a tool that business owners can use to navigate challenging times. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Andy Seth, Founder and CEO of Flow Marketing, explore the Wartime Business Playbook and how Andy used it to double annual recurring revenues. 

About Andy Seth

Andy Seth is a #1 bestselling author, music producer, and founder of four multi-million dollar businesses but after achieving material success, he felt empty inside. You see, Andy Seth grew up in a Los Angeles motel from the age of 0 to 14, so he had a fundamental belief that success would equal happiness.

It wasn’t until Andy‘s last successful exit that he  knew something had to change. So he went on a journey to Riskhikesh, India to improve his spiritual and mental wellness.

When Andy came back, he decided to start a company that made a huge social impact while being a solid business. He had sent over a thousand low-income kids to college on scholarships, but he wasn’t doing anything for those who weren’t in college.

Andy created an apprenticeship program where they train hard-working youth in content marketing skills while being employed full-time as live chat agents.

Their clients receive simple and low flat-fees, their apprentices build skills and a career, and the leadership team delivers results backed by a mission.

About Flow Marketing

We get it. Your business is on the rise and you need reinforcements to get the word out. You know you need to get busy marketing, but let’s face it: marketing is expensive and the pricing is convoluted. And who can you really trust with your most valuable asset: your reputation?

Flow Marketing helps people like you generate leads, convert customers, and nurture relationships. 

We provide specialized marketing services to help you find, capture, and convert qualified leads to your business.

Branding to help you get the clarity and color you need to scale. Our branding method is 5-8 weeks of 1:1 coaching from our experts to your team to develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. 

Content marketing specifically designed to differentiate yourself and grow your business. We work with professional and personal brands — from athletes to law firms — to become recognized as an authority in their industry. We guarantee 100% unique, professional content — no content bots, no marketing fluff.

Managed live chat with U.S.-based, native English-speaking chat agents specially trained in lead conversion. Our proven, proactive engagement methods yield upwards of 15% conversion rates for a variety of industries including real estate, health, beauty, and auto.

Whether through branding, digital content, or live chat your brand will be expressed in your voice. That’s Flow Marketing’s guarantee.

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