Washlava Innovates the Shared Laundry Experience with Todd Belveal

Adam Torres and Todd Belveal discuss Washlava.

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Show Notes:

Washlava is a shared laundry experience that allows you to reserve and pay for machines from your smartphone.In this episode,  Adam Torres and Todd Belveal, Founder of Washlava and Silvercar, explore Washlava and Todd’s entrepreneurial journey.  

About Todd Belveal 

Todd has an interesting background in the retail, consumer products, travel and technology industries as operator, analyst, advisor and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Washlava, an IoT technology services startup bringing shared laundry into the future. He was previously founder of mobile-enabled car rental startup, Silvercar, which was acquired by Audi in 2017.

About Washlava

Washlava is the smart laundry experience that lets you reserve and pay for washers and dryers from your phone. No quarters. No waiting. No hassle.

The company’s patent-pending platform manages the end to end experience for both business owners and their customers, creating a connected network of laundries that benefit from unprecedented features. Washlava was founded by Todd Belveal, co-founder of the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar.