We Don’t Lose, We Learn

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Listen to Fitness Industry Leader, Jarrod Saracco, on having a Work to Win mentality and to not lose but learn.

Jarrod shares his early experiences on how he began in the fitness industry and grew to become a sought after speaker and coach. Learn key life and business lessons from Jarrod’s takeaway. 

Jarrod Saracco, President & CEO of Health Club Dr. , is a 27 year veteran in the health and fitness industry. With roots in personal training, club general management, and B2B equipment sales, I create and maintain top performing fitness clubs that outpace the competition. How is your organization remarkably different from the competition? 

Jarrod is a dynamic and inspiring speaker/presenter at events such as IHRSA, Club Industry, NEHRSA, Can Fit Pro, the National Fitness Trade Show, the YMCA AYP conference, and the Keynote Speaker at international fitness Conventions in the USA, Sweden, Finland and Poland. 

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