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In this episode of The Real Estate Lowdown podcast, Host Bill Bymel introduces himself and his multi-decade background in real estate. Starting as the son of a real estate broker in Fort Lauderdale in the early 80s, Bill fell in love with dirt. In 2002, after attending NYU followed by a brief stint in Hollywood, Bill began buying and flipping houses in South Florida. He branched into commercial real estate brokering restaurant and retail locations for national chains. In 2008, when the residential mortgage market melted down, Bill got into investing in non-performing first-lien mortgages, sparking a 14-year career as an asset manager buying discounted real estate and mortgages on the secondary market. Bill discusses his vision for the podcast and hopes you will subscribe.

A real estate investor and broker for over twenty years, Bill Bymel currently serves as CEO of First Lien Capital L.P., a distressed mortgage investment platform he founded in 2021. Bill is a partner in Retail Sites International (RSI), a four-decade-old boutique commercial real estate brokerage based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that specializes in site selection on behalf of exclusive retail tenants such as Darden. In 2017, Bymel authored WIN-WIN REVOLUTION: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in the Secondary Mortgage Market. He is a Certified Property Management Executive, a member of ICSC and many Boards of Realtors. Bill graduated with a B.F.A in Film Production from New York University in 1997 and has produced multiple award-winning independent projects over the years. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA, with his teenage daughter and two dogs.

Hosted by Bill Bymel, The Real Estate Lowdown explores real estate, investing and business through engaging with today’s leaders.
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