What Are Your Personal Values & Rules? with Rich Waterman

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“You need the light and the dark. You need a bit of resentment, you need a bit of anger, you need a bit of frustration; but what you don’t want to do is live there.”

In this episode, we talk about a very interesting approach to being more – not only in business, not only as a leader, but most importantly in life – through values and rules, realizing your own personal values and rules, knowing how to assess them and apply them every day. Some examples of these values we really dive into are connection, love, contribution, among others…

My guest who joins me this week has been on the show two times before, which is a testament of how effective he is in what he does and apparently, how much my listeners want him back. 

My guest opens up about his own way of approaching these rules, how it enriches his personal life, his family, and his career. The willingness of my guests to be this vulnerable is something I always appreciate and I hope it gives you a priceless lesson or two…


Rich Waterman is a high performance coach in both personal and business life. In his own words, he works with people and their businesses to BE more. Not to become more.

Rich was a former European Head of Derivatives Structuring for JP Morgan Chase. He is an NLP Trainer and a Senior Trainer for Robbins Research International.

Rich is now dedicating his time to a movement called “Be The Difference Today”. It focuses on successful individuals and business teams being the difference through contribution and service. He works with business leaders and their businesses to transform culture, profits and ultimately, the quality of life. He will help you create a deeply rich experience of life and find ways to express yourself in this space; through coaching, speaking and mentoring.

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Ken Eslick is an Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Tony Robbins Trainer, Life Coach, Husband of 35+ Years, and Grandfather. Ken currently spends his time as the President & Founder of The Leaders Lab where he and his team focus on Senior Leadership Acquisition. They get founders the next level C-Suite Leaders they need to go from being an Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing company to $100,000,000 + in revenue. 

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