What Business Owners Need To Know About Preparing for A Media Interview with Megan Saulsbury

Adam Torres and Megan Saulsbury discuss preparing for a media interview.

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Show Notes:

Did you know that preparing for a media interview is important? “Winging it” is no longer a viable option for business owners when meeting with the press. In this episode, Adam Torres and Megan Saulsbury, Owner & CEO at Canyon PR, explore why proper media training is vital to building a long term brand.

About Megan Saulsbury

I began my career in public relations with a passion to learn as much as I possibly could about the industry, and as a result, was placed on a fast-track program that would serve as a wonderful foundation in which I could begin a career out of something I truly loved. With more than 10 years industry experience, I’ve learned public relations requires hard work, focus and dedication, however passion is a rare quality that can only enhance one’s skills. In addition to my pure enjoyment of what I do, it’s my passion that drives my motivation each and every day.

About Canyon PR

Founded in 2009, Canyon PR was created to to provide public relations services to various companies looking to expand their brand awareness within the press and target media.

Companies that select Canyon PR as their PR agency of choice are searching to increase brand awareness and generate media exposure in their target markets.  We’ve worked with a variety of clients worldwide, both large and small, and have created individualized, strategic PR campaigns designed to help each client reach its growth and business goals.

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