What Makes Your Strategy Unique?

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In this episode, we will highlight our guest who has special appearances on C-SPAN, CNN, NPR, and the BBC, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Publishers Weekly. He previously served on the board of directors and executive committee of the Independent Book Publishers Association and has spoken widely at American universities and industry events. Mitchell Muncy provides strategy development, non-profit due diligence, crisis management, and interim executive management to start-ups, non-profits, and philanthropists. He also hosts a podcast, The Successful Strategist.

(www.thesuccessfulstrategist.com or any major app).

Mitchell Muncy, Strategy; executive, non-profit and crisis management; philanthropy. Over the last 25 years, he has been co-founder or chief executive of five start-ups, for-profit and non-profit, spanning higher education, public policy, and the media.

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