When Life Gets Interrupted

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Life can change on a dime. One phone call; one slip; one simple phrase, and you are instantly thrust into a whole new trajectory.

That’s what happened to my guest, Jocee. She was on a routine phone call with her daughter, who was on her way home from college. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Jocee literally sat and listened to the horrible sounds of the accident her daughter was in. Totally helpless and emotionally struck, Jocee entered a journey she never thought she would be on.

Listen as she tells her story and how she was eventually able to leverage that event in her life for a fantastic life today.

As you listen, think about the major life disruptions you have faced. How are you leveraging those moments for your own fantastic journey?

Jocee Kelly is a freelance writer based out of Des Moines, Iowa.

As a young child, she was blessed to experience her grandparent’s love for their entire family, including their profoundly disabled son, Jimmy.   When Jimmy was born in the late ’40s, it was rare for a family to ignore the advice to institutionalize their disabled child. Jocee’s grandparents raised their son as an important part of their family, church, and community. Caregiving has been a significant part of her life, eventually including the role of primary caregiver when her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

Jocee has a BA in Special Education. In addition to a teaching career, she has worked in the Early Childhood field and more recently fulfilled her dream of becoming a freelance writer specializing in the aging and retirement niche. Jocee has a deep desire to promote intergenerational caregiving thanks to the beautiful example she experienced within her own family.

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