Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is Good for Business with Dr. Airies Davis

Adam Torres and Dr. Airies Davis discuss how increased emotional intelligence can add to a company’s bottom line.

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Show Notes:

  • Workshops
  • New website
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Client case study

Emotional intelligence has been a buzzword now for a long time. The idea that increasing this high level skill can provide tangible business results is something to aspire too. In this episode, Adam Torres and Dr. Airies Davis, Ed.D, MBA, Founder & CEO of WorkforcEQi, evaluate some of the benefits to be derived from an increase in emotional intelligence.

About Dr. Airies Davis

Who is Dr. AD? An epic leader with a passion and velocity for transforming the workplace landscape. Over 10years of business and education acumen specializing in Workforce Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Organizational Change Management, Motivational Coaching, Character Education, and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Renowned for delivering a growth mindset of evidence-based seminars, academic/corporate curriculum, and motivational presentations.

About WorkforcEQi

WorkforcEQi is a Human Capital Consultancy Firm specializing in client solutions “Merging Workforce Readiness with Emotional Intelligence (EI)”. Provide 21st Century consulting primarily in career and life skills for individuals, corporations and educational institutions (Areas of Specialization: Organizational Design, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Gap Analysis, Project Development, Change Management, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Social Justice, Resume Writing, Job Searching Techniques, Executive Coaching, EI Workshops, Talent Learning & Development, etc.)


-LeadersUP Senior Strategist, Consultant Future at Work Summit

-BetterUp-Associate Coach providing online executive coaching for talent acquisition leaders

-Chicago Public Schools (CPS) -Principal Transition Coordinator at Ogden International School (East/Jenner/West Campuses)

-Orgametrics- Orgametrics is able to identify and rectify misalignment of employees and students relative to the mission/vision and strategic plan. The more aligned an organization becomes the more scalable metrics and benchmarks that matter.

-University of Southern California (USC) Black Alumni Association-Workshop on Emotional Intelligence for students and alumni

-Midan Marketing (Meat Marketing Company)-Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

-Evite (Online Invitations)-Human Resources Consultant

-Crown Preparatory Academy (K-12 school)-Provided Talent Management, Recruiting, Training/Development, and Council to Key Leadership Stakeholder in a Charter Middle School targeted towards learners in undeserved communities (part-time contract while pursuing doctorate).

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