Why Franchising is an Option?

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Today’s episode is with a friend, Mike Silverman, who is in the franchise industry. We discuss what place franchising has in a Farming Asset portfolio.

We discuss how to look into what information you should be aware of and think about during a due diligence process.

Mike Silverman started in the business world during his junior year in college when he bought his first franchise, Complete Nutrition. From that moment, he fell in love with everything business-related. He’s been very fortunate to be able to own multiple businesses over the years, both franchises and independent start-ups.

At this phase in his life, he gets tremendous fulfillment from helping others find their passion for business ownership. Mike is involved with multiple mastermind groups, mentor new entrepreneurs, and through Franchise SideKick, help investors find franchises that fit their income and lifestyle goals.

Mike’s role at Franchise SideKick allows him to connect with other like-minded investors/business owners and lend some insider expertise to help them find the right franchise for them. With him buying, selling, and running franchises for 10+ years, he loves to help clients find opportunities but also avoid common pitfalls they might not be aware of.

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