Why Having a Good Relationship With a Lender Is Essential for Your Company Growth…

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This episode describes why it is so important for business owners to build a relationship with a banking institution. We talk about the private banking industry compared to the big institutional banks.

CEO says the memory of his grandfather is the fuel that inspires him to make Lendistry the largest African American lead community lending institution in the country. 

If you read Everett Sands’ bio or check out his LinkedIn, you’d see all the standard prestige that you’d expect from a bank CEO. Ivy League education and corporate experience at both a Black-owned bank and then, what most would call up and onward to a pristine career in banking at Wells Fargo. But Everett Sands and Lendistry are much more than just your typical bank or lending institution, and Sands is much more than your typical bank CEO.

Sands says Lendistry is the perfect formula for combining the speed and convenience of technology, the knowledge and guidance of responsible lending professionals, and the investment capital of social impactors and national banks. Sands says, “Our mission is to provide economic opportunities and progressive growth for small business owners, and their underserved communities, as a source of financing and financial education. Responsible lending for the benefit of both small business owners and investors, is at the core of Lendistry’s culture.”

Sands took time out of his busy schedule to speak directly with the Sentinel; he wanted the community to know that both he and Lendistry are so much more than your typical lending institution. 

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