Why Panels are More Fun to Sell than the Others

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In this week’s episode of the Cool Times Podcast, Host Vince and Jenna interviewed Trent Lesikar, Founder/President of Axis Construction Solutions. This interview features Trent, who has Ten years of experience in business development and operational leadership roles in construction contracting services. Vince, Jenna, and Trent highlight the topics about Trent’s journey and cool moments in the cold storage industry, high-speed doors, lessons from owning a business, and why you should consider buying Greenspan panels for your building.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Trent’s Background
  • Axis Construction Solutions
  •  Cool Moments in the Cold Storage Industry
  • Support Your Products
  • It’s Not Stress; It’s Challenges
  • Jenna’s Advice to Trent
  • Why Buy From Axis Construction Solutions

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