Victor Brown: Why Purpose is Important in Your Journey as an Entrepreneur

Adam Torres and Victor Brown explore entrepreneurship and purpose.

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Show Notes:

Being an entrepreneur can have its challenges. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Victor Brown, Founder & CEO at Xcellent Life, explore how having a well-defined purpose can help entrepreneurs on their journey.  

About Victor Brown

A professional, results-driven executive with extensive leadership experience encompassing engineering, marketing, strategy, business development & sales. Innovative mindset coupled with intelligent risk-taking. Proven record of accomplishment supported by strategic thinking, analytical abilities, relationship-building skills, and technical expertise to drive the attainment of organizational objectives.

About Xcellent Life

Xcellent Life delivers fitness & wellness focused innovations with our products, solutions, & services, which serve to improve the quality of life for all.Their goal is to revolutionize healthcare, where they use all their resources to further advance preventive care. Given their goal, they are building an advanced cloud based platform called the Xcellent Life Cloud Platform, which will enable Real-time Human Diagnostic (RthD) services. 

They are setting out to redefine how people think of healthcare. A team of dedicated professionals that are bound together by a single purpose. They want to improve your quality of life. They are the Xcellent Life Team, The Next Generation of Health.

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