Why Startup Founders Should Validate their Business App Idea Before Spending Money Developing It

Adam Torres and Boon Chew discuss launching apps. 

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Show Notes:  

Tappollo Media is a leading mobile app studio that creates apps that stand out from all the noise. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Boon Chew, Founder of Tappollo Media, explore what founders need to know about launching great apps. 

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About Tappollo Media

Tappollo Media is an award-winning venture builder focusing on mobile apps development for market leaders and startups. They help companies achieve their business objectives through effective execution of mobile app initiatives. We are the creator of the open source framework Booster (https://git.io/goboost) – a technology created to accelerate mobile app development. They used Booster to create the first ever social dating app Hiki in 9 weeks for iOS, Android and backend.