Why Your Biggest Ideas Will Come From Outside Your Business

Adam Torres and Mike Maddock discuss eliminating blind spots in business.

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Show Notes:  

Blind spots are holding back many businesses today. Identifying these blind spots is not always an easy task. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mike Maddock, Founder & CEO of Flourish Forums and Maddock Douglas, Inc., explore what it takes to eliminate blind spots in business and how to benefit from a more collaborative approach that allows for differing opinions.

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About Flourish Forums

Flourish Forums was created to help curious, humble and driven leaders grow professionally and personally.  Flourish Forums are monthly, C-level peer groups that meet virtually. The sessions are expertly moderated by a seasoned CEO who has been trained in design thinking, innovation methodologies, strategy building and facilitation. Additionally, each forum includes an executive coach who challenges the group to consider different lines of thinking. 

Flourish Forums are hyper-curated to include six types of business leaders: The Operator, The Strategist, The Rainmakers, The Visionaries, The Tech Futurist and The Orchestrator. So, while most forums promise a peer-to-peer experience, Flourish Forums promises and delivers true diversity of thinking for each problem you are trying to solve.