Win-Win Investing with First Lien Capital

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Bill Bymel, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner shares how he got his foot in the door to this high barrier to entry industry 14+ years ago, and how we as a company and a global team invest in the secondary mortgage market where many will not.  

We’re known for our Win-Win approach of a conservative model combined with our unique borrower centric program that consistently yields the highest returns.   

First Lien Capital is a privately owned mortgage and real estate investment platform with experience in all asset classes of real estate, asset management, portfolio servicing oversight, and mortgage finance, focused on shifting paradigms in our industry and establishing a new relationship between investors and borrowers through the creation of win-win resolutions to sub-performing and non-performing mortgages on residential and commercial real estate.     

First Lien Capital currently owns over 700 residential mortgages and REO in over 30 states with a total investment of $65 million in equity dollars. As an accredited investor you now have the distinct opportunity to be part of our NPL Opportunity Fund 2.  


For more information to invest with First Lien Capital call us at 844-955-4675 or go to firstliencapital.com.

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