Wing Makes Virtual Assistants Accessible From Your Phone with Roland Polzin

Adam Torres and Roland Polzin discuss the virtual assistant app Wing.

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Show Notes:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Phone App
  • Innovation

Can you imagine having a real virtual assistant on your phone? One that actually completes tasks allowing you time to focus on other things?  In this episode, Adam Torres and Roland Polzin, Co-Founder and CMO at Wing, discuss how virtual assistants can make your life run more smoothly.

About Roland Polzin 

I am an experienced leader and a strong decision-maker valuing critical thinking, analytical approaches to problem-solving, and hands-on collaboration. As a second-year full-time MBA student, I am focusing on Corporate Strategy and Digital Transformation.

About Wing

Wing AI Technologies, Inc. offers a 24/7 mobile virtual assistant application powered by artificial and human intelligence. It serves as a digital platform that connects its users to service providers.

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