Women in Construction With Maggie Christiansen

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Hosts Vince and Jenna talk with Maggie Christiansen, Regional Sales Manager at Kingspan Insulated Panels. Maggie has been in the industry for almost 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Maggie shared her story of how she got into the industry, starting with her dad’s independent manufacturer’s rep business. Maggie worked for her dad for 10 years prior to Kingspan hiring her as the Regional Sales Manager.

Maggie explained Kingspan is the largest manufacturer of insulated metal panels globally and has 198 manufacturing facilities around the world. Kingspan has three panel divisions in North America, the Controlled Environments division, the Commercial Industrial division, and the Benchmark high-end architectural division. Maggie also discussed Kingspan’s Light and Air division, which provides translucent panels and daylighting to allow natural light into certain buildings.

Finally, Maggie explained there are 6 employees and 2 independent reps that cover the USA market for Kingspan and shared some exciting new products and inititives from Kingspan, including their Quad Core
foam panel with higher thermal performance, fire performance, low smoke development, and health and wellness certifications.

Kingspan is a trusted leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance building products and solutions for the global property and construction industry, servicing abroad range of
market sectors for over 40 years. Kingspan Insulated Panels offer the widest product set in the market, including commercial and industrial, cold storage, and Benchmark premium customized architectural
insulated metal panels and accessories.

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Story Notes:

  • Who is Maggie Christiansen
  • About Kingspan Insulated Panels
  • How Maggie started in the Construction Industry
  • Kingspan has Three Divisions: Controlled Environments, Commercial Industrial, and Benchmark High-end Architectural
  • Kingspan’s QuadCore Foam Panel 

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