Woodrow Lucas Talks About Incorporating Spirituality into Mental Health Consulting

Woodrow Lucas, CEO of Empowered Recovery Consulting, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

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Woodrow Lucas’s firm, Empowered Recovery Consulting, employs experience-based strategies to assist people achieve their mental and emotional objectives. The firm’s technique of incorporating spirituality into their services, he says, has been instrumental in its success.

After working as executive director of the Brain Injury Association of Tennessee, Woodrow founded Empowered Recovery Consulting. Seeing how people with mental illness can struggle with self-confidence and a sense of control, Lucas says he thinks it’s important for people to find ways to strengthen their minds and bodies without losing their confidence or placing undue control in other people’s hands. One way to do that, he says, is through spirituality—”the praxis of putting God first”—something Empowered Recovery Consulting employs heavily in its therapies.  

What is the importance of compassion in mental health? 

Lucas says a person with mental illness can enjoy better outcomes with the power of love and compassion than through medical therapy alone. If you’re loved by people around you instead of just being controlled, he says, confidence can build over time and empower the person to heal. 

Tell us about the books you’ve published. 

Lucas has written four novels so far, but he says Birds of Flight is his best publication to date. The story focuses on seven people with mental illness, all of whom meet a therapist and are gradually relieved of their symptoms through her love and compassion. The theme of the book, he explains, is ‘love conquers all.’”

He has also written a manual called Empower Recovery Consultant, the Manual which he says teaches readers how to connect with God and stay calm and connected to peace during tough situations. 

What’s your process or technique for connecting clients with their chosen higher power?

First, he explains, people enroll on the Empowered Recovery website. Once enrolled, Lucas sits with them and asks a series of questions to help him understand their situation. This way, he says, he can tailor a creed to them specifically, which they will commit to narrating five times in a day, incorporating the specific higher power they believe in. The next step is a series of instructional sessions, meditation, prayers, and recovery sessions with Lucas. Finally, the counseling phase begins, in which interaction with the higher power is a key component. 

What’s next for you and Empowered Recovery Consulting?

Lucas says he’s writing a sequel for Birds of Flight and focusing on marketing his business to providers, inspiring more mental health programs to incorporate spirituality into their field of focus. 

To learn more about Empowered Recovery Consulting or order a copy of Birds of Flight, visit empoweredrecoveryconsulting.com.