Woody Sears Launches HearHere

Adam Torres and Woody Sears discuss HearHere.

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Show Notes:

Have you considered adding Road Trip Audio Entertainment to your journey? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Woody Sears, Founder and CEO at HearHere, explore HearHere and how it is changing the ways road trips are experienced.

About Woody Sears

Humans love to travel and explore. In fact, Americans took 2.3 BILLION trips last year, an average of 7 trips per person. Have you ever found yourself traveling by car and you see a Historical Marker sign and think to yourself, “I’d love to check that out but I should keep moving, I’ll stop there next time.”

Now you’re left with some guilt and unsatiated curiosity…and the reality is, you don’t stop there next time either.

Right now, this information is NOT easily accessible…or entertaining; and some of these stories are evaporating. Yet, humans NEED stories – they are one of their evolutionary strengths as a species. Throughout human history, they’ve relied on stories for inspiration and innovation! What if you could hear the stories about these places as you’re driving? Almost like a tour-guide focused entirely on what you’re seeing outside your car window.

They’re recording 10,000 pieces of content about places across the US using professional narrators, colorful characters and world-class storytellers, like Hollywood actor/director Kevin Costner, who is also one of their co-Founders. In addition to his pedigree in entertainment, Kevin brings a true passion for history.

They tell stories about history, geology, culture and more that entertain and educate people as they travel.

They believe this demand is due to three trends:
1. The increasing popularity of road trips, up 38% since 2015
2. A growing appetite for audio content, outpacing video streaming last year
3. Travelers desire for experiences and connections to places

The timing has never been better for HearHere.
Looking forward to you joining them on this journey.

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