Word of Mouth Marketing for B2B with JP Clement

Adam Torres and JP Clement discuss word of mouth marketing.

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Show Notes:

Word of mouth marketing can be one of the best ways to generate business. In this episode,  Adam Torres and JP Clement, CEO at boomtime, explore word of mouth marketing and what business owners need to know.

About JP Clement

JP has over 30 years of experience in marketing and marketing-related functions such as product management and business development but his focus in the past several years has been in the go-to-market strategy and digital marketing world with an emphasis on startups, social media marketing, strategy and analytics. His foundation is in classic packaged goods marketing/branding and direct marketing but he entered the world of online marketing in 1998 at Ticketmaster Online CitySearch and has not strayed far since. He also has significant experience in general management (acting CEO/COO) and has supervised teams as large as over 30 people. His goals are simple: keep learning, keep challenging himself, keep the highest degree of ethics and transparency, keep contributing to the companies he works with and growing the ones he owns.

About boomtime Word of Mouth Marketing

Boomtime believes that inside every small business is a big business. They build websites that engage your customers, create conversations that draw prospects in and keep you top-of-mind, capture customer interactions across your whole company, build your email list and social following automatically, giving you the tools to monitor those conversations, making them work better and measuring ROI.

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