Work Life Balance with Sabrina Morris

Adam Torres and Sabrina Morris discuss work life balance.

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Show Notes:

Work life balance is an important part of maintaining mental and physical health. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sabrina Morris, Lifestyle Promoter, explore work life balance and Sabrina’s upcoming book.

About Sabrina Morris

Work Life Balance is so key to living a healthy lifestyle. Taking a vacation can be viewed as not being dedicated to your position. Of course, she don’t agree with that philosophy. It is so important to take a vacation to revive, rejuvenate, and reboot the mind. When you take vacation you can really get back to work with a new perspective. Her goal is to help employers see the importance of vacation; and offer an opportunity to make vacation part of their corporate benefits package, and corporate lifestyle. As an Enterprise Architect she work with executives to formulate a work life balance program for their employees with a focus on vacation.

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