Workforce Optimization and Employee Engagement with Morgan Bunker

Adam Torres and Morgan Bunker discuss workforce optimization.

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Show Notes:

Workforce optimization, employee engagement and culture creation are important areas of focus for many businesses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Morgan Bunker, SaaS Sales Executive at PPI Business Services, explore how PPI is helping companies focus on these key areas to thrive. 

About Morgan Bunker

Morgan Bunker is an instrumental agent of change, an executive rooted in integrity, a compassionate manager, and a visionary leader.
He has based the success in his career on building, cultivating, and expanding relationships of trust; selflessly working for what benefits his clients or customers. Morgan Bunker strives for success in all he does.
He makes the ordinary, extraordinary.And he has a proven track record of elevating and leading diverse teams through inclusiveness and passion.
He wants to see those around him succeed as he succeeds.

About PPI Business Services

PPI Business Services is a privately-owned Workforce Management Services company. Headquartered in California since 1981, we are the premier provider of cutting-edge cloud HR and Payroll technology to US employers of any size and every industry. We strive to exceed our Client’s expectations by providing them with the best in proven technology and timely, accurate service. Our employees are professionals who offer the best possible customer service in the industry, and we are happy to serve you. 

Nationwide: Our clients are nationwide, and we channel decades of workforce solutions experience so you can increase management efficiencies; engage and retain your employees; positively affect productivity; and quickly get back to your core business. PPI is an industry leader and growing rapidly. 

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