You Are Fascinating

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In this episode we dive into a tool called The Fascinate Advantage. My guest, Lori Blatt, is a certified practitioner and she shares how the Fascinate assessment helps individuals and teams understand how each is seen by the world.

This is a tremendous advantage to those of us who are seeking the next thing for our lives.

Lori Blatt works with B2B decision-makers and their teams to be more fascinating in order to attract their ideal audience.

She describes herself as a “creative soul living in an analytical mind” which means her work is a balance of marketing principles, provocative questions, engaging design, and well-crafted words. 

She has the ability to see the big picture and possesses the design prowess as well as a bullpen of talent to execute the details. 

I can vouch for her personally as she is my branding coach who was involved at a pivotal point in my career not long ago.

Lori is a Brand Developer | Content Creator | Buyer Journey designer | and a Fascinate Certified Advisor.

Connect with Lori:

Fascinate Assessment Digital Report Only: https://bit.ly/H2FReport

Sunday Spark weekly brand building email:  https://bit.ly/spark-LI

Lori has been gracious enough to extend a discount (nearly 50% off) to listeners to obtain a report and unpack your own personal Fascinate report. To grab your benefit:

Fascinate Assessment Report + Detailed Debrief:  https://calendly.com/loriblatt/h2f-60min-offer

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